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DAYS 12-37...

...can all be pretty much summed up like this:

I eat like a squirrel. I am subsisting on nuts and seeds and berries. I am beginning to scamper. And, also like a squirrel, people are either amused by me, or really, really irritated by me and want to pelt me with small stones or sic their poodles and beagles onto me while I munch on my cute little foodstuffs.

To disclose fully here, though, I must admit that I have not been eating clean and green with 100% accuracy. For instance, every Saturday night I throw caution to the winds and eat chips and pico de gallo and salsa and queso with wanton abandon. That particular food habit is not up for discussion here. We shall speak of it no more. Because I ain't quittin' that 'un. And I wash it down with a Clementine Izze Soda. (World's SECOND BEST beverage, right after Metromint water.) And I smack my lips and lick my fingers, if no one is looking.

I have also consumed six chocolate chip cookies and two brownies and two tablespoons of ice cream and maybe half a sleeve of crackers before the raccoon ate the rest of the Gouda that went with them. (Sigh. It was really a lovely cheese. But that's a whole other story altogether.)

To put that in perspective, though, I once could easily have eaten all of that before supper on a week night. If I wasn't too hungry. To say that I ate that much sugar and refined carbs in a 25-day time frame is not just progress--it's a freaking miracle.

Based on that criteria alone, I would call this little experiment a screaming success. Eating less sugar and refined carbs has tamed my cravings. Even now, if I am diligent for a day or two after I overload (a double-chocolate brownie from Starbucks...would you call that cheating? Maybe? Well I suppose you could, if you wanted to get all legalistic about it and all...besides, it didn't even taste that good. I didn't finish it.) the cravings disappear and I am once again happy to eat a tomato for dessert.

Have I lost weight? I honestly don't know. I am scared to get on the scale. But my jeans are comfortable again.

What else?

I feel really, really good...except when I've cheated, then I feel almost hung-over with sugar and vow not to do THAT ever again. My nails are the longest and strongest they have ever been--which greatly pleases both myself and That Man Whose Back Won't Stay Scratched. I have saved $40-$50 in quarters, since I no longer raid everyone's piggy banks for my diet pop fix. That One Tall Kid Who Keeps Insisting I'm His Mother has asked me to feed him more of what I'm eating, and really liked the lentils. How much is that worth?

I am in too deep now. No turning back.


Dr Hook said...

Squirrels? ... You must be talking about those rats that live in trees around here? Don't worry, I won't pelt you. But be very carefully as you are darting in and out of traffic and as you cross the street; especially by the Hawaiian shaved-ice place. Yeah, you know the one.

Roxie said...