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DAY 39

Yesterday, I gave blood. Besides being altruistic, I am cheap. They take your blood pressure for free.


The last time I gave blood, in May--back before I gave up diet soda and quick carbs--my bp was 136/82. And I was happy to see it. Yesterday, it was 130/80. Coincidence? I think not.


Yesterday, I also cowgirled up and mounted the scales. Since the last time I weighed...forty days ago...the day I started eating green and clean...I've lost seven pounds. Coincidence? I think not.

Ok, ok; I suppose seven pounds in forty days isn't anything stunning and dramatic. It won't merit me an infommercial or anything. But I'll take it! Besides, It's a great thing to finally be rid of sugar cravings, to feel like I am really taking good care of myself and my family (at least, as much as they will let me. Nobody else but me seemed to get excited about the unsweetened-yogurt-and-chia-seed-blueberry smoothie. Huh. Go figure.) and to be excited about eating real food.

I mean, when you can get to the place where you see feta cheese with spinach as a real treat, it does something to your head. It changes the way you see a lot of things. It makes you think more about what you are really doing, not just to your body, but to your life...are you packing it with junk food because you aren't getting enough of the real good stuff? You start asking yourself, "Am I eating this because I really want and need it, or because I am used to it and it's handy and quick and colorfully packaged and everybody else loves it and it gives me that fast shot of feel-good?" And then you start asking yourself those same questions about a lot of other things in life.

Enough already. I'm getting off the computer now. I've got, you know, real stuff to do right now.


Angie said...

very good post and great food for thought.
BTW, I love the clementine Izze's too.

Roxie said...

Thanks, Angie.
We oughta knock a coupla Izze's back together sometime.

Cyrus Shepard said...

I think seven pounds is amazing. You go girl.