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I was reading a little about the bio-engineering of our world food supply.

And then I quit, because it was just a little too dad gummed scary. I then went right straight downtown to the farmer's market and bought a cucumber, three zucchini-pineapple muffins and a dollar's worth of beets with the dirt still on 'em. I felt much better.

I don't think I am a conspiracy buff, or an alarmist. But.

Doesn't it just make sense that we should slow down a little in the god-playing end of things? It's the same with global warming. I am not sure why people debate about that. An analogy: Let's say, for example, that I am working on my car. I don't know much (anything at all) about cars. They're pretty complex machines, aren't they? But, suppose I got under the hood and started fooling around with things, experimenting. Maybe I'm trying to increase my gas mileage. Maybe I'm trying to get it to start easier. Maybe I'm just curious. Anyway, here I am, tinkering, when a stranger--who may or may not know more about cars than I do, I don't know...there's really no way to know in this scenario--shouts, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP THAT RIGHT NOW BEFORE YOUR CAR BLOWS UP AND ENDANGERS US ALL!"

So, let's just suppose that happens. Then what should I do? Ignore him, because I kinda got the hang of things now, thanks, or at least step back and see what's going on before I jam my ratchet back under the thing-a-ma-bob? Maybe he's right, maybe he's an idiot...but I think I would like to learn just a little more about the cause for his alarm before proceeding. I am an err-on-the-side-of-caution kinda person. Especially when it comes to things like food, shelter, and life as we know it.

As for people who are so adamantly indifferent about the's a pretty complex machine. I'll give you that scientists don't know all there is to know about global warming. I'll give you that all the projections could be wrong. I hope they are. Probably they are.

But. Would it kill us to just take a step back and look things over before we decided for sure that it's all bunk? I mean...maybe just stop making such a mess for a second while we figure out why the bees are all dying?

That Kid Who Likes To Stay Up All Night Talking and I were talking one night about going green and so on. She asked me why, of all demographic groups, ours (middle-class Evangelical Christians in The South.... and all Republican, too, Herself excepted) is the most reluctant to do anything for the environment.

That is a good question. And while I can't speak for everyone, I can toss a guess out there.

I think it might be a fear of committing blasphemy.

Some people seem to think that if we admit "We've messed it up beyond repair!" and that we have altered our planet, it somehow diminishes God, makes us too powerful, makes it seem as though we don't believe in His omnipotence anymore.

I don't see it that way.

Just as God gave me this wonderful complex piece of machinery for my body, He has also given me enough freedom to wreak serious havoc with it. Isn't it the same with everything in our reach...our relationships, our lives, our home...our planet?

So do I think it's all certain disaster? Do I think there's nothing I can do to stop the inevitable? Do I think it's too late?

No, no, no, no. Of course not. Not for my planet, or for me. Or for you.

More on this tomorrow.


Doug said...

So now that you've discovered your body can be saved, you're on to your next mission? Saving earth!

What's next miss roxie... saving the milky way? Oh wait, I already saved that. I think it's in my freezer, lol.

Roxie said...


I have no retort, for once.

That one got me. Of course, anytime someone mentions chocolate, everything gets a little hazy and out of focus...I'm sorry. What were you saying?